In 25. September 2018 time capsule embedding and celebration "Inchcape Motors Latvia" has begun construction of the largest auto center in the Baltic States "Jaguar Land Rover".

To celebrate the start of construction works, His Excellency Keith Shannon- Her Majesty's Ambassador to Latvia, trade senior advisor Ivars Žukovskis, Inchcape Motors Latvia chairman Dmitrijs Zeļeņins, Inchcape Motors Latvia chairman and Inchcape Northern Europe regional executive director David Colwell joint together in ceremony.

The conclusion of construction works is planned in the first half of 2019 and the opening of the auto center will be in May 2019.

The construction and design of the auto center will be according to Jaguar Land Rover cooperative concept «Arch» design, which will be implemented all around the world. The design of the building is defined by a modern gray facade, clean and simple lines. Interior design will combine glass, nut wood and modern lighting elements, adding a fresh and luxurious touch to the rooms.

The total area of the "Jaguar Land Rover" auto center will be 2 421 m2. The showroom of new auto center will occupy 1 197 m2, providing space for seven "Jaguar" and seven "Land Rover" automobiles. A spacious service room will ensure effective service for 11 automobiles at the same time.

SIA "Būvkonsultants" team of Jānis Kūms and Mārcis Ločmelis will continue to represent interests of the client, providing project management and technical supervision of construction of the auto center.


Kristaps Lapiks photo 24

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