On 12. April 2018 last public inspection of construction stage of Mežaparks Open-air stage took place. Commissioning of I round of construction works is planned in 18. June 2018. 

Mažaparks open-air stage reconstruction project is based on Riga Municipality approved culture and leisure park Mežaparks local planning. Presently area of open-air stage territory is 91 997 square meters, but after the reconstruction in 2018 it will expand beyond 146 430 square meters. 

Stage will be only partly reconstructed for 2018 Song and Dance festival and 100 year anniversary of Lavia, temporary stands for choirs, expanded space for audience and improved flow of participants and audience, adding stairs behind the stage throughout the perimeter of stage and increasing size of audience stairs, but preserving visual image of open-air stage. Temporary structures will be demoled after the Song festival, competition of reconstruction project is planned in 2021, after stands for choirs will embody complex arch-shaped form.

mezaparks 3

mezaparks 5

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