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It was published new "Latvijas būvniecība" magazine number, which deals with issues of BIM implementation and use in design and construction

In magazine law column is conversation with ministry of Economics about guarantees and BIM insertion in design and construction everyday life, and 2 author’s vision of of construction process control regulation problems. In designing column information about design guide developed in Latvia.


LASĪT RAKSTU "BIM aktualitātes"

LASĪT RAKSTU "Garantija, apdrošināšana un nākotnes projektēšana - BIM"

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Two of SIA Būvkonsultants projects nominated for the 2014 Riga architecture Award

This year for the award experts nominated 13 objects, 2 of which are SIA Būvkonsultants projects, completed in 2013: 

  • Riverside residences „Ģipša fabrika" 2nd round

  • Orthopedic, sport traumatology and spine surgery clinic „ORTO"

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Latvan first BIM guide has been developed

Article by Eliza Luse in magazine "Latvijas Būvniecba" Nr.3 2014 may/june

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International project for the quality of education in Latvia

SIA Būvkonsultants has successfully implemented the Latvian International School's new building project management and construction supervision. More about this project you can read in the magazine "Latvijas Būvniecība '2011” Number 4 and "Latvijas Architektūra" 97 workbook.

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Būvkonsultants with the responsibility for quality

One of the fundamental principles of SIA "Būvkonsultants" is quality. Therefore, seeing the situation in the construction market, where quality often suffers because of dumping prices, "Būvkonsultants" invites everyone to think about the quality and cost relations question. More on this topic you can read  in article in magazine "Latvijas būvniecība '2011 Number 3, by Normunds Eglītis, Member of the Board of SIA"Būvkonsultants"

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Major reconstruction work in Cesis Correctional Institution for Minors

At the end of April, 2011 after a significant renovation works opened Cesis Correctional Institution for Minors. Within project one building was reconstructed, one - built from a start, which is the only new prison building built from the start after Latvia regained its independence.

Within the project company gained a significant experience in supervision of correctional institutions building process.  More information about the project is given in the journal "Latvijas Būvniecība '2011.”  Number 3.

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DnB NORD bank opens its central administration building

As a vivid proof that the economic downturn is the best time for investment and business development on August 10th, 2010 DnB NORD Bank opened its new head office building at Skanstes Street 12.
In the implementation of the project our team played a big role, which is described colorfully in the magazine "Latvijas būvniecība" 2010, Number 4.

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"The ridgepole celebration" at the new administrative building of DnB Nord Banka was held on 09 September 2009

09.09.2009 DnB Nord Bank organized "the ridgepole celebration" at the new administrative building on 09 September 2009. Andris Ozolins, President of the Bank welcomed guests and stressed out in his speech that the economical crisis gives an opportunity to perform effective capital investments in construction, as well as in competition for market shares.

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Apartment complex Rivera has been put into operation

In the middele of May the apartment complex Rivera located in Jurmala, Lielupe, has been put into operation. The project consists of two buildings four and five floors high, with 77 apartments of different volume from 46 to 210 square meters.

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The new central office building of DnB NORD Bank will set up a new standard bar for office construction in Riga city

The new central office building of DnB NORD Bank on Skanstes street will be the one of most technologically developed un modern buildings in Riga, merging high quality architecture and characteristics of energo effective office.

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